Hippos | Masai Mara

Sparring Hippos | Hippo Pool, Keekorok Lodge, Masai Mara, Kenya

There are certain scenes from the Masai Mara trip in 2014 which invoke the craving to visit that National Park again. And this is one of them.

After a day long drive in the game reserve, we returned to the lodge earlier than usual with low spirits. Our driver/guide James painstakingly drove us around with the hope of showing us a Black Rhino but it wasn’t to be.

The Hippo Pool seemed like a good spot to lift my morale. Walking on the deck I heard a lot of splashing in the pool. Anticipating some action, I rushed to a spot for a clearer view. Hippos known for their lazy demeanour, its unusual to see them get hyperactive in any regard. Amidst the many lazing hippos filling up the pool, these two were getting some fighting practice.

My lens hoisted on the wooden fence for support managed to freeze some of the action. It was amazing to see how these heavy beasts would move gracefully, open their mouths wide, displaying those mammoth sized sharp teeth and lock those jaws. The action lasted a few minutes and the hippos went back to being, well… lazy hippos.

Not among the usual list of expected sightings at the Mara but nevertheless an exciting one for me.

Shot with – Canon 1D Mark 3 + 500 f4 IS II