Spurfowl in the spot


It was day three after having set up a bird photography hide at home i.e., Forest Hills Farm and Guesthouse. The usual suspects – the bulbuls, spotted doves and white-cheeked barbet did their rounds.

After about half an hour a new visitor walks in nonchalantly, almost leaving me in a state of shock…the Red Spurfowl! He warily started feeding on grains strewn across the ground. Aware of their extremely shy behavior, I had to be careful about firing the camera, lest I scare the spurfowl. Since that day, the spurfowl has been a regular and popular visitor to the hide.

On one such occasion, he walked out of the shadows and into the light, posing for the lensman. The picture on display is the result of that.

Canon 1D Mark III + Canon 500 f4 IS 





Published by

Sameer Jain (Kittu)

Way before I started photography, I heard the song Lose Yourself by Eminem, and the starting line has stuck with me ever since. It goes- “If you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted would you capture it or just let it slip?” This line is a constant reminder and the closest description of what I feel when I’m out on a safari or walking/trekking photographing birds. Fondly known as Kittu, I’ve been a resident of Mudumalai for three decades. I manage and run Forest Hills Farm and Guesthouse; a family run resort near the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. For as long as my memory goes, I have been an ardent lover of wildlife. Growing up on tea estates and Forest Hills, has played an active role in nurturing my love for nature and wildlife. During school holidays at Forest Hills, I made full use of safari and trekking opportunities that came my way. In 2005, I decided to pursue photography with a Canon film SLR and in 2007, I went digital. The love of wildlife has taken me to various national parks both in India (Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore, Tadoba, Kaziranga to name a few) and other esteemed forest reserves such as Masai Mara (Kenya). While I keenly keep a track of birding activity at home (Forest Hills Farm and Guesthouse), one might just bump into me during a safari at my favourite forest reserve i.e. the Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

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